A Small Section of Our History

My uncle John, passed me this collection of old photos on CD, along with the family tree information, some comments and asked me to put them online. It's taken me a while, but I am SO pleased that I've done it - some of these pictures must be over 100 years old!

Dinah (nee Armstrong) & Thomas Brown
Dinah: b 1840, Wooler; d May 1917, North Berwick
Thomas: b 1832, North Ford; d Dec. 27 1874, Lauder

Jane, Dinah & Mary: large | small
Mary, Dinah & Jane: large | small
Dinah (1): large | small
Dinah (2): large | small
Thomas, Mail Coach Driver: large | small
Jane Brown
b 1867, Thurso; d 1941, North Berwick

Jane & Mary: large | small
Mary (nee Brown ) & John Little
Mary: b 1868, Wick; d 1945, Carlisle
John: b 1864, Carlisle; d 1935 Carlisle

John was a very famous Cumberland and Westmorland wrestler.

John (1): large | small
John (2): large | small
John (3): large | small
Mary, Mrs Reid & George: large | small
Mary & John: large | small
Mary on Honeymoon: large | small
Mary (1): large | small
Mary (2): large | small
  George Gordon Little
b 1897, Carlisle; d 1928, Australia

George served in the 2/10 Royal Scots, and was awarded a military medal in Russia. He was killed in Australia.

George (1): large | small
George (2): large | small
George (3): large | small
John Little
b 1898, Carlisle; d 1991, Carlisle

John (Jnr) & John (Snr): large | small
John at a Boys Brigade camp (centre back): large | small
John with his cousin Hilda Watson (1895-1970) in Ricerby Park: large | small
Tom Watson (Royal Scots), John Little (Grenadier Guards), Albert Irving, Jimmy Fordyce (seated): large | small